30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Unlike a newborn, you can try out your Little Teekies at home for the first 30 days (from delivery date) and, if it doesn't do what we have described, then you can return it for a refund. 

We have this guarantee to give you peace of mind that a Little Teekies really does ignite fun, creativity and is a high quality, legitimate product... and if by some chance you find it isn't... then you have the option to return it for a refund. 

It's a risky offer for us, because we could end up with some 'not so honest' people returning an item in poor condition after a child, family member or animals inappropriate use of the play tent. But, overall we’re happy to risk this as we believe in our product and we tend to see the good in people and know that 99.9% of people will do the right thing. If the tent is excessively soiled, damaged or otherwise misused, a refund is not guaranteed without further discussion. This is why we ask for photos of the play tent set up on the day it is returned, how it is packaged and insist on postal tracking, plus signature on delivery. A little like an item being examined on return. 

We expect that if you have any concerns, that you first reach out to us so we can help work through any problem you may encounter. Perhaps, we haven’t provided you with all you need to know and we’d like to help.


What our guarantee doesn't cover? 

Return Postage. Sorry, but you will need to pay for the return of the item with postal tracking. It's usually not a huge cost and it’s essentially the same way you would have to drive back to a store to return a faulty product. If a product goes missing on its return journey and doesn’t have tracking, then we will be unable to offer a refund as this is a requirement of postage. The same goes for ensuring a signature on delivery is included. Unfortunately, while you and I are good eggs, the same can’t be said for opportunistics wandering past and gifting themselves postal items! If a parcel is sent, but is stolen Australia Post won’t cover costs without these features in place. This is why the Little Teekies team will always request signatures on delivery when sending items to you. You deserve to receive your parcel safely and so do we! 

You will also need to appropriately package the item in its original box with strong tape. Damages to the parcel aren’t guaranteed a return if incorrect packaging is deemed apparent.

Business ethics and customer service are very important to us. We are here to support you and truly want your family to love your play tent. Let’s work together to ensure that happens and please, if you are really unhappy, let’s chat. Unnecessarily bad reviews don’t help anyone. 

Want to talk to us about it?
0405 630 712 (during 9am to 5pm)
Katherine is in Adelaide, Australia