Frequently Asked Questions

How do I assemble my childs play tent?

The best way to see is via this handy assembly instruction manual. A video will come shortly. For now, please see the PDF for instructions on assembly. (I promise, it isn’t like Ikea furniture!)

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What size is the play tent?

The play tent is designed in the shape of a hexagon to fit nicely against a flat wall, or tucked into a corner, whilst also providing maximum room in the tent for play.

Refer to the diagram below to see how a Little Teekies play tent can work for you.

Is the mat included?

Yes. We believe that no play tent is complete without creating a safe mat for play. We have tailor made the mat to snuggly fit inside the play tent frame. We have included mat ties so you can secure the mat to the frame. This prevents the mat from moving during play time.

How do you wash the play tent?

The play tent canopy and floor mat can both be washed or spot cleaned.

Washing the play tent canopy

  1. Remove play tent from the frame,
  2. Place play tent inside a large wash bag. You can find one on amazon quite easily.
  3. Add into the washing machine and select a gentle cycle with cold water. Please use washing detergent sparingly to keep the tent in good condition. The fabric is a cotton blend for durability and wash.
  4. Once washed, remove from the washing bag and hang immediately on the line. I have found it best to fold the tent over the line at the seam between curtains and tent canopy. Please expect some of the curtain ties to be tangled during the washing process, so take care to untangle these.
  5. Once dry, a quick iron or steam will have the tent top looking absolutely divine for your child’s next play tent adventures.

Washing Play Mat

Our play mat is 100% cotton and as such, is best dry cleaned. However, you can wash on a cold gentle cycle with delicate washing powder (or spot/hand wash). If machine washing, you may experience some shrinking of the play mat. This is normal due to the nature of cotton fabric. 

Can you get replacement parts?

Yes. We sell connectors, the timber frame, mats and the tent canopy all as replacements. Please email to ask directly about replacement parts. Please include the number and type of replacement pieces you’d like. Most importantly, include your shipping address. We will then send an invoice through for your order. 

Can I take the play tent outside? 

Yes! You can. Of course, the risk of it getting some extra dirt on it is higher, so we recommend placing a large picnic rug underneath to protect the mat and frame. Set up and pack down is simple and the kids can help by bringing their construction minds and helping hands to the task! 

What is the shipping time?

Shipping time frames vary between each Australian capital city and to the rest of the world. Refer to our shipping policy for further information. If you are concerned your parcel hasn’t arrived when you expected please refer to your shipping email for a tracking code and details. Check in via the tracking. All packages require a signature on delivery, so please also check for notes from your local postal service for collection. If you continue to have problems, or to seek further clarity, please email with the subject line “Shipping”. Include details of your order in the email so we can help you best. 

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. Please refer to our refund policy for further information on accessing returns.