Little Teekies Welcomes Two Exciting Wholesale Partners: Banksia Boutique and Make-A-Ma-Jig

Little Teekies Welcomes Two Exciting Wholesale Partners: Banksia Boutique and Make-A-Ma-Jig

Little Teekies, is thrilled to introduce two new wholesale partners that are set to elevate the shopping experience for our valued customers. Say hello to Banksia Boutique and Make-A-Ma-Jig, two brands that bring innovation, style, and quality to the world of children's products.

Banksia Boutique:

Step into the enchanting world of Banksia Boutique, where style and fashion springs to life. This Australian-based Boutique  specialises in a curated collection of children's and women’s apparel. From adorable play wear to trendy outfits for toddlers and kids, Banksia Boutique offers a diverse range that caters to every little one's (and their mumma’s) fashion needs.

Banksia Boutique has a commitment to quality and sustainability. Each garment is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that little ones can explore, play, and grow in comfort. 

Explore Banksia Boutique's collection to discover charming patterns, vibrant colors, and versatile designs that cater to various tastes. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or updating your store's inventory, Banksia Boutique is a delightful addition to the Little Teekies family.


Dive into the world of creativity and endless possibilities with Make-A-Ma-Jig, our second exciting wholesale partner. This innovative brand is all about fostering imagination and hands-on play.

Make-A-Ma-Jig's product range is a treasure trove for parents, educators, and retailers seeking to provide children with enriching activities. From DIY craft kits to educational toys, Make-A-Ma-Jig encourages young minds to explore their creativity, develop fine motor skills, and, most importantly, have fun while learning.

What makes Make-A-Ma-Jig stand out is its commitment to quality materials and engaging designs. The products are not only entertaining but also contribute to the cognitive and artistic development of children. Parents and guardians will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind each product, as well as the opportunity for quality bonding time with their little ones.


As we welcome Banksia Boutique and Make-A-Ma-Jig to the Little Teekies family, we invite our customers, retailers, and fellow advocates for children's well-being to explore the enchanting world of these two incredible brands. Whether you're looking for trendy children's apparel or innovative children’s toys, our new partners are sure to bring joy, creativity, and quality to the lives of the little ones we cherish. Embrace the magic of childhood with Banksia Boutique and Make-A-Ma-Jig, now selling Little Teekies play tents!

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